Event Overview

In Purple, Fosse shows a boy leading a girl into the dank, disused factory basement where his hopeless would-be rock band practises. She wants to leave, he wants to stay; then the drummer arrives, full of such a contradictory tempest of rage, desire and hair-trigger aggression that the boy begins to seem in real danger, as competing teenage needs for connection and self-sufficiency reach an explosive level. The dialogue is short - the characters are unable to express what they mean, and they are afraid to say the truth in front of each other. There are lots of tense pauses, and silences. Purple is atmospheric. Jon Fosse is one of the most performed playwrights in Europe.

Afterwards, we’ll tuck into delicious nibbles and tea from the Ubh kitchen. Leave with a renewed sense of calm and focus, safe in the knowledge that anyone can learn to mediate, anywhere. (We’ll provide cushions/ chairs to sit on, but please bring a blanket if you’d like an extra layer)


Liffey Studio at Kildare Youth Theatre above Johnsons pub


11th June & 14th June



Ticket Price

5 Euro

Pay on the door