June Fest’s Online Quiz is back!

June Fest’s Online Quiz #5 (Code: 289365)

We are back with the June Fest Quiz #5 this Thursday at 8pm. (28/5/20)
Lots of prizes up for grabs! Please share this event with your family and friends.
You can join our online quiz through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. For any returning players having issues joining, click ‘Logout’ (top right corner) and log in again.
1. Go to www.myquiz.org
2. Enter login code – 289365
3. Quiz starts at 8.05pm sharp!
4. Questions will be a mixture of multiple-choice, some true or false and picture rounds. Each question is timed so you got to be quick. How fast you answer is also taken into account to win extra points!
5. 80 questions altogether. We will take a 2-minute break every 10 questions. The quizmaster will use the comment box to let you know what’s coming up next.
If you wish to contact us –